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Liftoff PGH 2020

Hosted by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Liftoff PGH 2020, is both an event (September 15-16, 2020 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center) and ongoing process for launching our region into a new space beyond the current frontiers of health care.

The future is closer than we think. It’s an age of acceleration driven by the explosion of technology innovations. Societies need to reinvent their institutions and aspirations to meet the challenge of adapting to changes in almost everything.

Regions will work to maintain their anchors in history, corporate leadership, traditional jobs, local culture and yet optimize opportunities from globalization and technological change. That change involves meeting consumer demand for everything cheaper, smarter, smaller, faster. The most successful regions will turn their assets into greater assets through adaptation and invention; starting over from scratch is not a viable option.

The rapid pace of change affects every sector of industry, education, and workforce development. It’s a time when learning and education, problem solving and marketing those solutions are transformed by technological possibility. Old status markers are rapidly outdated as our communications infrastructure democratizes every aspect of learning, invention, and decision making. Information flows dominate information storage—proprietary knowledge, as knowledge is now available to people of all ages and many backgrounds around the world.

Liftoff PGH 2020 will be uniquely focused on preparing a region to weather and maximize two decades of upcoming major transformation in our leading industrial (occupational) sector—health care. The Pittsburgh region cannot move forward as an innovative leader in healthcare delivery, health professions education, payment, design and entrepreneurship if it does not meet the aspirations of its key stakeholder organizations. Liftoff PGH is part interactive exhibition part collaborative workshop. Throughout the two-day event, participants venture through five immersive Explorations showcasing our region’s most exciting assets, while learning from the nation’s leading boundary-pushers. The program is packed with keynotes, idea sprints, and the most engaging coffee dates you’ve ever had. Join us! Registration opens March 8. www.liftoffpgh.org

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